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How to navigate and use this website?

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Using and navigating this website's easy!

1. Navigating the site is easy...simply run your cursor (mouse) over and across the page you are on - the website always opens up on "Home" page. A little hand image will appear whenever your cursor is on a link or an interactive widget or icon.

2. Simply click your mouse whenever you want to open a link, icon or interactive widget (such as an oblong link widget which might download a video, photo or document).

3. Going back to the page is easy, simply shut the document, image or video you are viewiing (usually an 'x' box will show up in top right corner) click on this and you should be returned to the page you were last on.

4. Downloading videos..we only have a certain amount of downloadable capacity each day (200MB), that's enough for about 10 video downloads per day (average video file size), so you may not be able to download the video or file you want if a lot of people have been on the site viewing material. Come back again and try the next content will change regularly.

5. Sending us a query using one of the "Contact Us" forms ...whenever you send us an enquiry, we receive it immediately and we will respond to your query ASAP.

6. Using up and down arrow toggles - occasionally you will notice a little arrow toggle beside a written section, or next to the mast head on each page or next to the "what's new -latest update" section on the Home Page. This "what's new" section gives members a quick overview of any new announcements or news. These daily updates also tell you which page to go to (using the main page navigation panel at the top of each page) for more detailed information...use this as a quick way of keeping up with 'what's happening at the club. Whenever you see an arrow up or down toggle, it means there is information below or above the section you are vieiwng..try out this toggle by clicking on the down arrow above - you'll find it next to the Sorrento Junior Football Club Inc header. What does it read when you arrow down?

7. Searching for our website on the net...simply type in our URL to your search function - and every search engine will now take you directly to our site. Save the address in your favourites bar for convenient access next time you want to visit the site.

8. On line SHOP...this is not currently activated, but shopping on line will be available shortly and we will let members know when this is set up.

9. Daily updates...the site is generally updated each morning by about 9am and each night by about 8Pm. Check the update icon on the home page - e.g. Last update on 24-4-13

10. Blogging and use these functions, you have to be a registered member of the webiste. To register as a member, simply go to the "Log in" page under the Home page drop down link (main page navigation panel top of each page) and hit "Log in". Theis will take you to the log in page and you will be prompted to register as a new member...just follow the instructions and links.

11. If you would like to contribute any material, suggestions, questions, photos or videos of match action etc, you can also email these directly to the webmaster

12. Mobile access...the website can be viewed on your Blackberry or SMART phone (inc Apple), but it will appear in an HTML format...all the information and links are available via your smart phone, but the information is arranged in a 'continuous' style and does not look exactly as you would see it on your computer.

Ground: David MacFarlane Reserve, Hotham Street, Sorrento, Vic, 3943
Postal address: P.O. Box 368, Sorrento, Vic, 3943

Contact Tel: The Club Secretary:
Kathy Doherty (M) 0488999120